About the Program

The Professional Adaptation Program is a compulsory component of based on the Law of Georgia Lawyers, which provides the person with practical knowledge and advocacy skills and promotes successful integration into the profession. The duration of the adaptation program is 12 months and consists of two parts: a 3-month theoretical course and a 9-month internship.

The theoretical course of the adaptation program is focused on the knowledge of practical skills required by a lawyer. The theoretical course, with a specialization in Civil Law and Criminal Law, consists of a 60-hour curriculum, and a general specialization - a 70-hour curriculum, comprising the following compulsory modules:


            ►Legal writing;

            ►Lawyer's professional ethics;

            ►Communication with Client, First Interview, Royalty Agreement;

            ►Organizing a law practice / bureau;

            ►Trial skills;

            ►Oratorical arts and presentation skills;

            ►European Standards for Human Rights.

            ►Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.


Internship part focuses on the development of practical skills of intern with the assistance of an supervisor lawyer(mentor). The internship will be conducted on the basis of practical assignments, the minimum requirements of which are set forth in the Adaptation Program Regulations, and the individual plan and schedule agreed between the mentor lawyer and the intern.

The 3-month theoretical part of the adaptation program is priced at 750 GEL, which will be paid in advance, and the 9-month internship part of the adaptation program is free of charge.

The adaptation program is usually carried out in two cohorts each year: the first cohort begins in February and the second cohort begins in September. Admission to the program is based on pre-registration announced in January for Spring cohort and August for Fall cohort.

Persons with 3 years of experience as a Judge of the Constitutional Court of Georgia, a Judge of Common Courts and/or a Prosecutor shall only take the theoretical course of Adaptation Program.

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