Counceling for the Lawyers

Since 2013, the Ethics Commission has been operating  a service solely for lawyers for the purpose of issuing recommendations on the professional ethics of the Bar. Lawyer can ask hypothetical questions about the ethical issues related to the profession of lawyer and can receive recommendations by calling the hotline at 2 200 262, sending a mail through a post office (Dzmebi Zubalashvilebi str.36) or by writing to us on our email address: The question should describe hypothetical facts, possible action and should not include identification data of the person.


Written questions can be submitted in the form approved by the Bar Association, which will be answered in writing by a lawyer of Ethics Commission, Disciplinary Collegium or the full composition of the Ethics Commission within the time limit depending on the complexity of the question.


When reaching the councling service of the Ethics Commission via the hotline, a lawyer of the Ethics Commission checks lawyer’s name, surname, personal number, Bar Registration number and specialization in the unified database, after which the caller poses a hypothetical question. The conversation is recorded for quality assurance purposes.  "Hotline" service - 2 200 262 operates every day, from 11:00 AM - 17:00 PM, except weekends. 


The identity of the lawyer requesting the recommendation is confidential. The recommendations are published on the Association's website and in the Association's periodical publications without identifying a lawyer. For more information, please refer to Chapter VIII of the "Rules on Disciplinary Responsibility and Disciplinary Proceedings of Lawyers.”

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