Tamar Khubuluri

Deputy head of the Ethics Commission

Tamar Khubuluri holds the position of the deputy head of the Ethics Commission of the Association from 2023.
In 2014-2023, he held the position of senior lawyer of the office of the Ethics Commission. In 2011-2013, he worked as a lawyer in the office of the Ethics Commission.

In 2004-2008, Tamar studied at the Bachelor of Law program of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. During the undergraduate program, in 2007, Tamar completed an internship at the Tbilisi City Court (6 months), and in 2008, she was involved in the legal assistance center of the Association of Young Lawyers of Georgia as a lawyer's assistant (1 year and 2 months).

In 2009-2012, Tamar studied at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law, on the private law master's program. During the master's program, in 2009, Tamar completed an internship at the legal firm "Eristavi Legal Group".

In 2010, Tamar studied at the Ankara State University in Turkey at the Master's Program in Commercial Law (fall semester) with a Turkish state scholarship.
In 2012, Tamar was on a study visit to the Virginia Bar Association in the USA, within the framework of the USAID-EWMI-JILEP project.

In 2012-2014, he was a trainer in lawyer's professional ethics within the continuing legal education program of the Bar Association, and since 2016 he has been the head of the Lawyers' Professional Ethics Clinic, which was created on the basis of the Ethics Commission of the Bar Association of Georgia with the financial support of the USAID-IWMP-PROLoG project and aims to cooperate with universities, to teach the standards of lawyer's professional behavior to students interested in the lawyer's profession.

Since 2012, Tamar is a member of the Bar Association, specializing in civil law; is a member of professional unions; has undergone various professional trainings; He is engaged in academic activities as a guest lecturer and is a co-author/author of publications in the field of professional ethics.

In addition to her mother tongue, Tamar speaks English, Turkish and Russian.


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