Statement by David Asatiani

21 May 2021

I believe that it is critical for the process of strengthening the independence of the judiciary and the quality of the judiciary to actively hear the voices of the legal profession in the High Counci... More

On the Immigration Law Immigration Law Working Group

18 May 2021

A working group on immigration law has been set up in the Bar Association. More

The football team of the Bar Association will play in the "Master League"!

17 May 2021

For the first time in the history of the Bar Association! The football team of the Bar Association will play in the "Master League"! At the moment, the team composed of lawyers is intensivel... More

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Mark Clayton visited the Georgian Bar Association

14 May 2021

During the meeting, the Chairman of the Bar Association, David Asatiani and the Executive Director, Giorgi Tshekhani, introduced to the Ambassador the work and ongoing reforms of the Bar Association. More

David Asatiani has become the Vice-President of the European Bar Association

12 May 2021

This is the first time in the history of European Bar Associations that the vice-president of the organization has become a representative of a non-EU country. More

Chess tournament for lawyers

5 May 2021

A chess tournament will be held between the members organized by the Georgian and Azerbaijani Bar Associations. More

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