Working meeting in Parliament

10 May 2022

A meeting was held in the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration of the Parliament of Georgia, where the following issues were discussed:

(A) Amendments to the Detention Code to allow an accused who, by a motivated decision of an investigator or prosecutor, is restricted in his or her right to a telephone conversation or who has made full use of the telephone conversation limit, should contact the penitentiary to inform his or her lawyer.

(B) In the negotiation of plea bargaining with the accused, such legislative regulation of the involvement of the public lawyer in the case, which on the one hand eliminates the misuse of the public lawyer's resources to persons without socially vulnerable status, and on the other hand does not unjustifiably restrict the right.

The Chairman of the Bar Association participated in the working meeting together with the representatives of the Association. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Legal Aid Service and other relevant agencies. Work on these issues will continue actively in the parliamentary format.

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