The Bar Association responds to the facts of violence against media representatives

6 July 2021

We respect the freedom of expression of every citizen of Georgia, regardless of their views, and at the same time, we condemn any manifestation of violence.
Human life, health, personal dignity and safety are paramount values ​​and the state must ensure the rule of law.

The safety of people performing their professional duties, including members of the media, lawyers, etc., should be especially important during any gathering or demonstration.

Violence against journalists and cameramen and obstruction of their professional activities is inadmissible and appropriate and timely response from relevant government agencies is essential.

At the same time, in case of need to protect the legal interests of victims of violence, the Georgian Bar Association is ready to provide free (pro-bono) legal aid, for which a hotline has been launched: 577-670-941.
We wish our society peace and security!

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