Statement concerning the ongoing process of selection of the Supreme Court justices

5 July 2021

The importance of building a trusted and quality justice system for Georgia’s democratic development was clearly reflected in the April 19 Agreement elaborated with the involvement of our State’s strategic partner countries and with mediation of President Michel.

With regard to the ongoing process of selection of the Supreme Court justices, it is noteworthy to consider the position to pause the selection process that is expressed by the international partners directly involved in the elaboration of the April 19 agreement is noteworthy.  

On this background, the continuation of the selection procedure of the Supreme Court justices may have a negative impact on public confidence in the process itself. Therefore, it would be appropriate to postpone the ongoing selection process for a certain period of time, during which a discussion format with the involvement of all stakeholders would be established.

If the Parliament continues the selection process, the Georgian Bar Association, in order to provide the public with objective information on each candidate's qualifications and eligibility for the position of the Supreme Court judge,  will monitor this process and evaluate the candidates based on a methodology developed with the support of USAID/PROLoG and the American Bar Association experts.

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