Georgia Bar Association Launches a New Project Supported by USAID Rule of Law Program

25 January 2024

The Georgia Bar Association (GBA) proudly presented a comprehensive two-year project on January 25, 2024. This initiative supported by the USAID Rule of Law Program is designed to strengthen the legal profession and justice system in Georgia, focusing on continuous legal education, bench-bar collaborations, and significant events at both local and regional levels. Key components of the project include support to GBA’s Ethics Commission and the development of a concept for establishing pro-bono (free legal assistance) system within the association.

Distinguished speakers at the event included Davit Asatiani, Chairman of the Georgian Bar Association, and Lisa Kovack, Acting Director of USAID/Georgia's Office of Democracy, Rights, and Governance. Attendees included representatives from the GBA, the judiciary, the prosecutor's office, legal professionals, and civil society.

At the meeting, the representatives of the Georgian Bar Association talked about the achievements of the previous 2022-2023 project supported by the USAID Rule of Law Program. This project focused on enhancing the organizational and analytical capabilities of the association's thematic committees, organizing bench-bar meetings, and administering the qualification exam for lawyers in an objective and transparent manner. Additionally, analytical reports were developed on case-loads at courts and a system for and evaluation criteria of first and second instance court judge candidates by the Association.

The continuation of such initiatives underscores the commitment to strengthening Georgia's legal profession and justice system. These projects play a pivotal role in elevating the quality of justice and reinforcing the rule of law in the country. 

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