Executive Director of the Bar Association held various important meetings in Strasbourg

5 July 2022

Giorgi Tshekhani, Executive Director of the Bar Association, held various important meetings in Strasbourg at the invitation of the Council of Europe.

During the General Assembly of the European Young Lawyers Association (EYBA), Giorgi Tshekhani officially presented the proposal to hold the EYBA European Young Lawyers Annual Conference in Georgia. The Georgian Bar Association became a member of EYBA in March 2022, which provides our young lawyers with an additional opportunity to improve their knowledge and establish professional contacts.

Within the framework of the visit, a meeting was also held with the vice-president of the Strasbourg Bar Association, Tiffany Conein, where it was decided that a memorandum will be signed between the Georgia and Strasbourg Bar Associations and cooperation will be strengthened in the direction of implementing joint events and projects, especially in the field of human rights protection.

Within the framework of the visit, Giorgi Tshekhani participated in the annual conference of the Council of Europe Program on Human Rights Education (HELP). With the support of the Council of Europe, the Bar Association will intensify its efforts to promote the HELP platform in our legal profession.

Also, a meeting was held with Lilia Gretasdóttir, director of the Cooperation Programs Division of the Council of Europe. At the meeting, the parties reviewed the results of joint projects and discussed the possibilities of initiating an additional project focused on the further strengthening of the legal profession.

We remind you that within the framework of the already completed European Council project, we implemented a number of important measures, including - the reform of the election system of the association, the establishment of the Justice Coordination Council, the development of a package of legislative changes, a pro bono project supporting single parents, the e-mail of the Ethics Commission proceedings. program and more.


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