Evaluation and recommendations of the committee activities of the Georgian Bar Association

25 October 2021
On October 22, the presentation of the document evaluating and recommending the committee activities of the Bar Association was held. The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Bar Association, Davit Asatiani, the Head of the Georgian Office of the Council of Europe, Natalia Vutova and representatives of the Bar Association.
At the meeting, the action plan developed to further strengthen and popularize the committee activities of the Bar Association was discussed, as a result of which the work of the thematic committees will significantly contribute to the development of the analytical capacity of the Bar Association. Strengthening the activities of the committees will be one of the main priorities of the Association in the future.
The evaluation and recommendation document, which deals with the activities of all 32 thematic committees of the Association, was developed by Jonathan Goldsmith, an expert of the Council of Europe.

The meeting was supported by the Council of Europe.


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