David Asatiani has become the Vice-President of the European Bar Association

12 May 2021

Davit Asatiani, Chairman of the Georgian Bar Association, has been elected Vice-President of the European Bar Association (AEA-EAL). This is the first time in the history of European Bar Associations that the vice-president of the organization has become a representative of a non-EU country. "I want to thank my European colleagues for their confidence. My election to the position of Vice-President of the European Bar Association is a recognition of the development of Georgian advocacy, independence and compliance with European standards, and another clear support for us. "As a vice-president of this organization, my main priority will be to further strengthen the legal profession across Europe and increase international support for lawyers and bar associations in transition democracies for their further integration into the European legal profession," said David Asatiani. The European Bar Association (AEA-EAL) was founded in 1986 by European lawyers in Brussels. The organization's activities are aimed at supporting the legal profession in European countries, strengthening bar associations and establishing the rule of law.

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