Cooperation agreement between GBA and NYSBA

16 September 2021

On September 16, David Asatiani the chairman of the Bar Association - and the President of the New York State Bar Association - Andrew Brown - signed a cooperation agreement.
According to the agreement, a Georgian section will be opened in the New York State Bar Association, in which all interested Georgian lawyers will have the opportunity to join individually.
Within the Georgian section, meetings, conferences, seminars, trainings and other events will be held with the involvement of the New York Bar Association, which will enable Georgian lawyers to learn about American practice, experience, and establish close professional relationships with their American counterparts.

During the meeting, special attention was paid to the need to develop a jury trial system in Georgia, which will significantly contribute to raising the quality of criminal justice and public confidence.
President Brown expressed his readiness to support the Georgian Bar Association with the resources and experience of the New York Bar Association to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Georgian lawyers in jury litigation.

This agreement is of particular importance for the establishment of intensive cooperation between the legal professions of Georgia and the United States, which, in turn, will help strengthen advocacy and the rule of law in Georgia.

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