A working meeting on the guidelines for combating money laundering and terrorist financing

30 May 2023

A working meeting was held in the Georgian Bar Association on the guidelines for combating money laundering and terrorist financing.
The meeting was chaired by Malkhaz Narindoshvili, senior expert of the European Union project "Supporting Public Administration Reform in Georgia".

At the workshop, the participants discussed the issues related to the crime of money laundering and terrorist financing, and the conversation touched on the requirements of the legislation, the scope of distribution, the risks and preventive measures in the sector.

Georgian Bar Association actively continues to work with all interested parties in order to have such effective mechanisms for combating money laundering and terrorism financing in the country, which at the same time will not create a risk for the independence of the legal profession.

The working meeting was held within the framework of the European Union project. The discussion of the mentioned issues in the Bar Association will continue in the future.

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