The member of the Executive Board of GBA – David Asatiani holds meeting in Hague

23 April 2015

On April 23, in Hague, joint meeting of managing and PECO Committees of CCBE (Council of Bars and

Law Societies of Europe) will be held, in which the member of the Executive Board of GBA – David

Asatiani participates.

Mr.Asatiani introduced the European colleagues to the information regarding amendments to the law

on “Legalization of money laundering”. The amendments restrict professional activities of a lawyer and

are dangerous for the interests of justice. European lawyers expressed surprise regarding the

regulations, because such a mechanism does not operates in their countries. It was noted that such

restriction of the lawyer's profession may harm the principle of access to justice and the interests of

clients. European colleagues have expressed their solidarity with the Georgian colleagues and agreed to

continue working in consolidated regime, in order the proposed changes do not become law.

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