Results Overview of Tbilisi International Conference of Lawyers

21 November 2018

International Conference of Lawyers was held in Tbilisi on November 8-9, 2018.


Georgian lawyers as well as lawyers from France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Russian Federation and Tajikistan including the Chairmen of the seven different Bar Associations took part in the Conference.


The highly qualified lawyers participated in the conference as experts such as: the President of the European Association of Lawyers and the former President of the CCBE – Maria Slazak; the President of the Austrian Bar Association and the former president of the CCBE - Rupert Wolf; the Chairman of the CCBE European Convention of Lawyers’ working group - Laurent Petitti and the Vice-president of the European Association of Lawyers – Christoph Von Wilken.


As a result of sharing experience and active discussions, the participants unanimously adopted the  significant documents namely, the guiding principles for lawyers and Bar Association on the following issues have been adopted in the forms of recommendations:


  • Exclusivity of Lawyers’ Profession;
  • Standards for Entry into Profession;
  • Role of bar associations in providing pro bono legal services;

To see the above-mentioned recommendations, please, follow the links:


Recommendations in Georgian

Recommendations in English


Within the framework of the Conference, the supporting statement of the Convention on the Profession of Lawyers has been elaborated and unanimously adopted, which is supposed to make a significant positive contribution to the Convention elaboration and adoption process. To see the supporting statement please follow the links:


Statement in Georgian

Statement in English

Statement in Russian


The Georgian Bar Association is pleased with the results achieved on the International Conference of Lawyers which was dedicated to the Lawyer’s Professional Day in Georgia and would like to express its gratitude towards all participants and supporters.  


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