Meeting of Criminal Law committee was held in GBA

2 April 2015

On April 2, at the Criminal Law committee meeting the presentation of the recommendation project drafted by SIFA

was held. The objectives of the study are strengthening the principle of equality and competitiveness of the parties in

criminal proceedings, identifying and finding legislative gaps of Criminal law process, in some cases studying the

problem even in the absence of clear regulations, which creates additional risks of breaking the noted principle.

The members of the committee were introduced to the recommendations and discussed the mentioned issues; during

the discussion a number of opinions were expressed, according to which the principle of equality and

competitiveness of parties is closely related to the rights guaranteed by Article 6 of the European Convention;

correspondingly, the gaps in the criminal law have to be eliminated. Appropriate changes should be incorporated to

ensure the principle of equality and competitiveness of the parties, as well as the right to a fair trial. Considering the

diversity and relevance of the issue, it was decided that Criminal Law Committee and SIFA will continue cooperation

in order to improve the relevant provisions of the Criminal law by drafting the recommendations, sharing the practical

experience and through the exchanging of views.

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