International Conference was held regarding the important issues of Civil proceeding

17 May 2016

Today, the International Conference was held in hotel “Tbilisi Marriot” regarding to such topical issues of Civil Law as legal regulation and court practice of immoral transaction and usury.

The conference was opened by the Chairman of GBA- Zaza Khatiashvili and the Project- Manager of IRZ – AmaliaVukert. The Chairman of the  Supreme Court Chamber of Bremen – Peter  Lutringhaustalked about the German judicial  practice regarding the immoral transaction and usury; German lawyer Gunter Vais spoke about the German model of statutory regulation of immoral transactions. The conference was attended by the lawyers and judges. 

The event was organized by the support of GBA, German Federal Chamber of Lawyers and IRZ.

In the frames of the cooperation with the corps of judges, GBA intensively willcontinue organization of thematic conferences and meetings. 

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