Information about creating the working group in Civil law Committee

10 April 2014

  On April 4, 2014 the first meeting of Civil Law Committee was held.  14 members from 20 were presented at the meeting.

 The following decisions were taken at the meeting:

To establish the working groups for preparing   changes in legislation:

The group working on changes to the Code of Civil Procedure (Head of the group - lawyer Shalva Kurdadze);

The group working on the changes to the Law on Advocates (Head of the group – lawyer Roin Migriauli);

The group working on the changes to the Civil Code (Head of the group – lawyer Giorgi Mariamidze);

The group working on the changes   to Insolvency Law (Head of the group – lawyer Nana Amisulashvili);

Generalization of court practice working group –(Head of the group – lawyer Davit Lanchava);

The heads of working groups were asked to define their own group;

The members of the committee were asked to associate of their choice and take an active part in working groups;

The members of the Committee shall inform the coordinator of the working group regarding the union;

It is possible to unify in several of the working groups.


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Chairman of the Civil Law Committee 

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