Giorgi Margvelashvili - any pressure on lawyers will be considered as the pressure on the values, being obligatory to protect by the constitution.

30 November 2016

On the occasion of the “Lawyer’s Day”, the President of Georgia – Giorgi Margvelashvili visited

Georgian Bar Association and opened the Training Center, renewed and equipped with the support

of the President's Reserve Fund. The project “Material and technical support of the reform on

implementing new standards of entering the profession “ was financed by the President's Reserve

Fund and the project’s aim is to promote the institutional development of association and

implementation of the internship system obligatory for lawyers.

The president thanked the Chairman of GBA and administration for supporting and implementing the

project and noted that the training center serves strengthening of lawyers’ corps, without that it is

impossible to create fair society, fair trial and fair state.

“The profession of a lawyer requests very strong moral strength, as long as you accept defendant's

position and try to prove the society and state that there is always something acquittal position in the


You are protecting the very thing I am obliged to defend under the constitution – human rights. Each


has the right of a fair trial. You have dragged a lot of things. We have heard about lawyers who were

victims of the brutal attitude from the system. Also we know about your consolidation to protect them. It is

natural, because developing society often faces misconducts. I am glad that those persons, who will

defend the citizens, will receive their professional knowledge here, in this training center.

To some extent, the work and the cooperation that took place between us help them to serve the main

goal: to create a human and democratic state, which will be the base of building the strong state” –

claimed Giorgi Margvelashvili .

The president once again confirmed his respect and support towards the lawyer’s corps: “In any case if

any kind of pressure is on the lawyers, I will support you and will be ready to make relevant political

statements, since we are serving the same aim. Our fundamental responsibility covers the protection of

constitutional rights of citizens. In fact, even in everyday life, you are serving the last and any pressure

on you will be considered as the pressure on the values being obligatory both for us to protect by the

constitution “- noted the president .

In the frames of the visit, Giorgi Margvelashvli was awarded with the order of Luarsab

Andronikashvili for the contribution to the development of lawyer’s profession.

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