GeorgianBarAssociationSetsPrioritiesfor 2017-2018

28 July 2016

Members of the Georgian Bar Association (GBA) discussed key priorities in 2017-2018 at a working meeting in Lopota on 27-28 July.

Zaza Khatiashvili, Chair of the Georgian Bar Association, addressed the participants of an event, which brought together Georgian lawyers and representatives of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and European Union.

The discussion at the meeting evolved around the major directions of the GBA strategy for 2014-2018 and specific tasks in 2017-2018. The GBA members discussed challenges and prospects of Georgian lawyers, including for the rights’ protection, ethical standards, professional development and education. They paid particular attention to the issues related toinstitutional development and financial sustainability of Georgian Bar Association.   

The discussion was supported by UNDP under the EU-funded UN Joint Programme Enhancing Access to Justice and Development of a Child-Friendly Justice System in Georgia. 

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