Georgian Delegation participated in CCBE Executive Committee meeting

17 May 2016

In Vienna, the CCBE Executive Committee meeting was held, attended by the Georgian Delegation including the Chairman of GBA- Zaza Khatiashvili, David Asatiani and Irakli Kandasvili.

Georgian Delegation focused on the fact of torture of Giorgi Mdinaradze from the police side and thanked the European Colleagues for the support: “It happens nowhere that a lawyer is tortured because of consultation rendered for juvenile witness. This fact has to become the subject of big protest between the European countries’ bars”- claimed the members of CCBE.  Zaza Khatiashvili stated that the judge Shonia has changed the imprison preventive measure of the torturer of Giorgi Mdinaradze and released based on bail, which is the alarming fact.  This judge was distinguished by his attitude towards the juveniles using the custodial measure. The fact of torture of lawyer Giorgi Mdinaradze indicates that joint fight is needed for lawyer’s protection in order to ensure his/her legal practice without fair and intervention from state. The member of the Executive Board of GBA- David Asatiani talked about the strengthening of lawyer’simmunity and noted that it is necessary to make amendment to Criminal Law Code considering the intervention in legal practice as a criminal offence. He called the European colleagues for support.


 For the first time in the history of GBA, Georgian lawyer Irakli Kandashvili became the member  of CCBE Educational Committee and participated in the  working meeting of the Committee, which is the great recognition and goodwill of GBA. 

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