Georgian Bar Association has arranged a presentation of the draft amendment to the Georgian organic law on “General Courts”.

10 March 2015

On March 10, with the initiative of the Judicial Reform Commission, round table was arranged on

“Legislative proposals for the reform of the Supreme Court”.

The Chairman of GBA –Zaza Khatiashvili highlighted the role and importance of the Supreme Court in the

process of justice.

At the meeting, the Chairman of the Commission of Rule of Law and Judicial Reform – David Asatiani

discussed about the draft amendment to the Georgian organic law on “General Courts”, which takes

into account the legislative proposals for the effective reform of the Supreme Court. In particular, the

project includes reforms of the structure, composition of the Board and the Plenum of the Supreme


The participants of the meeting were the first deputy of the Chairman of Georgian Parliament – Manana

Kobakshidze , Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of Georgian Parliament – Eka Beselia, Advisor

to the President- Kakha Kozhoridze, first deputy of the chairman of Supreme Court – Zaza Meishvili,

lawyers and representatives of international organizations.

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