Davit Asatiani started to fulfill the authority of the Chairman of Georgian Bar Association

29 December 2017

On December 27, Zaza Khatiashvili officially handed over the chair of the Bar Association  David Asatiani,  followed by the statements  made before the media.


The Chairman David Asatiani claimed: “We will take the Bar Association and the entire corps of lawyers in the new qualitative stage in term of the knowledge and standards of Ethics. We think, as result of these reforms, we will receive the bar association able to play a crucial role in the strengthening of Justice System”.


Mr. Zaza Khatiashvili briefly reviewed his presidential period and noted “I am very proud of having being the chairman of GBA during 8 years. When I started carrying out my authority, Georgian Bar Association had many debts and as of today, GBA has the office in its ownership, which I have bought during my presidency”. 

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