Alix Frank-Thomasser

Alix Frank-Thomasser is partner and founder of Alix Frank Rechtsanwälte GmbH, a Vienna law firm and founder of The Women in Law Initiative She publishes and lectures at seminars and conferences in the field of Commercial Law including CSR matters. In 2004, she published the first book on „Anti- Discrimination –Equal Gender Treatment in Austria and the European Union” in the German speaking legal world together with one of the partners of ALIX FRANK RECHTSANWÄLTE, Franz J. Heidinger. Much of her work is international, whether she acts as strategic advisor for Austrian businesses doing business abroad (focus on CEE and Far East) or as advisor for international clients with respect to their activities in Austria. She is a Member of the Managing Board of the Vienna Bar, Austria and a member of the Austrian Delegation to the CCBE and has just finalized her 6 years turn to chair the CCBE CSR Committee. She is the President of  The WomenInLaw Intiative  fostering women legal careers in all legal professions. She holds the Golden Honour for services to the Republic of Austria.



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