The Bar Association responds to the facts of violence against media representatives

6 July 2021

Violence against journalists and cameramen and obstruction of their professional activities is inadmissible and appropriate and timely response from relevant government agencies is essential. More

Statement concerning the ongoing process of selection of the Supreme Court justices

5 July 2021

With regard to the ongoing process of selection of the Supreme Court justices, it is noteworthy to consider the position to pause the selection process that is expressed by the international partners... More


30 June 2021

At the Bench Bar, representatives of the Bar Association, the Prosecutor General's Office and the Council of Europe discussed with judges issues related to the use of restrictive measures in the c... More

Adaptation Program Efficiency Research Report

25 June 2021

The research and consulting company ACT (ACT) presented a report on the effectiveness of the Professional Adaptation Program of the Bar Association to the members of the Executive Board, supported by... More

Reform Plan - For Human Oriented Justice

23 June 2021

On June 10th, the Georgian Bar Association presented the action plan for judicial reform - For Human Oriented Justice More

Additional information regarding visits to N8 penitentiary institution

22 June 2021

Dear members, please read additional information about visits to N8 penitentiary institution More

Reform for human-centered justice

10 June 2021

The Bar Association has unveiled a Judicial Reform Plan for Human Rights-based justice based on best practices in the United States and Europe. More

Trainings for lawyers

7 June 2021

New trainings have been posted on the lawyer's portal within the framework of continuing legal education. More

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