David Asatiani was elected a member of the Policy Committee of the International Bar Association (IBA)

9 March 2022

The IBA is a leading international organization of lawyers, bar associations, and legal societies, founded in 1947, shortly after the founding of the United Nations. The IBA aims to contribute to th... More

8 March 2022


Conference on Women's Labor Rights

7 March 2022

Women's Labor Rights, Legislation, Challenges in Practice, and National Enforcement Mechanisms - a conference on these topics was held by the Labor Law Committee of the Bar Association with the... More

2 March 2022


2 March 2022


1 March 2022


Statement of the Georgian Bar Association in support of Ukraine

28 February 2022

Statement of the Georgian Bar Association in support of Ukraine  More

Pro-Bono legal services for our Ukrainian friends

26 February 2022

Pro-Bono legal assistance on immigration or other matters  for our Ukrainian friends More

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