30 June 2021

Issues related to the practice of applying the measure of restraint were discussed at a meeting of the Coordinating Council of Justice. At the Bench Bar, representatives of the Bar Association, the Prosecutor General's Office and the Council of Europe discussed with judges issues related to the use of restraining measures in the context of the case law of the European Court of Human Rights.

"We continue to hold working meetings within the Coordinating Council of Justice, the main purpose of which is to develop a uniform practice by establishing a culture of dialogue between the judiciary professions. It is important that the judiciary becomes more quality and credible for our society and is focused from the beginning to the end on the interests of each person and the protection of their rights, "- said David Asatiani.

At the meeting, the parties summarized the jointly developed recommendations and agreed on future steps for their implementation.

The format of the Coordinating Council of Justice was established in 2020 and its goal is to promote the quality of justice through regular meetings and discussions between the legal professions.

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