The Chairman of Georgian Bar Association, the Chairman of Ethics Commission, the Director of the Training Center and members of the Educational Board had a business trip in France.

17 May 2016

Georgian Bar Association startsto improve the standards of entering lawyer’sprofession in order to equalize the internship system with the European standards. The Executive Board of GBA wants to createa school of lawyers in Georgia, which will be obligatory for all applicants wishing to become a lawyer, after passing the qualifying exam.

GBAis dedicated to provide citizens  with high qualified legal service ensuring the international standards for lawyers.  With the financial support of Coe and EU joint project -“Support of Georgian Bar Association" (project manager Sophio Tsakadze), Educational Board of GBA visited France and had meetings at lawyers’ schools in Versailles and Paris in order to implement the similar model in Georgia. GBA plans to start the implementation and gradual introduction of the pilot program of lawyers’ school since 2017.


Yesterday, the Chairman of GBA, the Chairman of Ethics Commission and the members of the Educational Board have meetings with the Directors of lawyers’ schools of Versailles and Paris, also the meetings were held with the Presidents of French and Paris Bar Associations.Georgian Delegation was promised by the French colleagues, to receive assistance in drafting and developing of the basic program in theoretical course of lawyers’ school.


The aim of GBA is to give the opportunityto applicants entering the lawyer’s profession, to acquire such skills, which are not taught in the higher educational institutions. 

GBA would like to thank the Coe and EU for their huge contribution to the development process of legal profession.  Soon, Georgia will become a member of the European Union; Strong corps of lawyers is a basis of legal development of the country. 

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