Lasha Kurdadze

Specialization: Civil
Service area: Civil Law
Address: Georgia Tbilissi Ilori st 11
Phone: + 995 577 64 01 14
Languages: Georgisch, Deutsch, Rusisch, Englisch.

About Lawyer:
Lasha Kurdadze's Law Assisting Center offers you #Lawrepresentatives and #juridical #consultations: C/V We note continues professional length of service from 2011. Also, additionally: • Tbilisi State University Jurisprudent - jurist 2008 • Ilia State University Business administrating master in Health Protection Management 2019 Major Specialist of Court Cases Processing Department of Juridical Department LEPL Social Service Agency Ministry of Internally displaced, Labour, Health and Social Defense (2013-2019) Not only one certificates or professional qualification raising diplomas holder, trainer, teacher and etc. in following tasks: 1. #Illegally fired #employee's restoration at working place with court, also compensation, delay allowance; 2. #Composing of #Labour #Contract, Composing of contracts about difference tasks, structure, usufruct, servitude, purchase, business contracts and etc. 3. #InVitro fertilization and surrogating; 4. #Don't you have a #child- adopting of a child through the court; 5. Purchase (buy-sell), installment, redemption, change, deed of gift, renting, leasing, agricultural plot leasing, lending, loan, rate, insurance; 6. #Perpetual alimony contract; 7. If your mutual rights are abolished; 8. If you lost property, if someone became reach of that; 9. Tortuous (damageable) tasks - if you have material or moral damage by other's action; 10. If you want to get married or divorce, let's make a marriage contract together; 11. If father or mother refuses a child, it is necessary to establish his/her origin; 12. If a parent doesn’t care after a child properly, we need aliment! 13. Lonely parent's status establishment is necessary to take compensation; 14. A parent doesn't care after a child properly? It is necessary to limit a parent's right or in worse situation, deprivation of a parent's right through the court, or if a parent's and a child's relation was restored, we can restore parent's right; 15. Don't you have a child- adopting of a child through the court; 16. Also guardianship, tutorship, support, heritage; 17. Also, information freedom, public information transfer, issuing of individual administrative-legal act, announcing annulled/non-negotiable, administrative contract, composing of a statement, administrative appeal, administrative authority responsibility (compensation); 18. Tasks connected to the state program of general health protection; 19. Patient's rights, improper/duly medical service, compensation for damage; 20. Flat-holders' partnership disputes; 21. Announcing a citizen missed or death; 22. Servitude, usufruct disputes; +995 577 640 114
პროფილში განთავსებული ინფორმაციის სიზუსტეზე პასუხისმგებელია პროფილის შემქმნელი ადვოკატი

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