Elene Kishmaria

Specialization: General
Service area:
Address: tbilisi, 26a Marjanishvili street
Phone: 593 493 497
Languages: Georgian, English, Russian
Email: elenekishmarialegal@gmail.com

About Lawyer:
1. Criminal law: Protecting the interests of the accused within the framework of criminal charges; 2. Civil law: 2.1 Family disputes 2.2 Inheritance disputes 2.3 Contractual Disputes 2.4 Commodity and Obligation Disputes 2.5 Undisputed proceedings (mistake in name and surname, establishment of the fact of marriage, receipt of the estate in actual possession, etc.) 2.6 Reduction of interest and fines in disputes with banks or microfinance organizations 2.7 Entrepreneurial litigation 2.8 Intellectual Property Law 2.9 Labor disputes 3. Administrative law: 3.1 Representation in relations with administrative bodies, including within the framework of legal disputes, relations with courts of all instances; 3.2 Legalization of real estate (legalization of land in the public register, etc.); 4. Outsourcing of legal services
პროფილში განთავსებული ინფორმაციის სიზუსტეზე პასუხისმგებელია პროფილის შემქმნელი ადვოკატი

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