Tamar Jinchvelashvili

Specialization: General
Service area:
Address: N2, nikolozi str., Tbilisi
Phone: +995 593523222
Languages: Georgian, English, Russian
Email: tamuna.jinchvelashvili@gmail.com

About Lawyer:
Tamar Jinchvelashvili has a Master's degree in Private (Business) Law. She has 10 years of professional work experience, provides legal assistance to legal entities and individuals. Tamar practices in civil and administrative law, mainly in the following areas: - Real estate disputes such as legalization, division, allotment, expropriation (eviction), etc.; - Construction disputes; - On establishing facts of legal significance: Establishing a kinship of persons, on establishing the fact that the person is satisfied, establishing the facts of establishing paternity, marriage, divorce, registration and change of name and / or surname, establishing the fact that the title deed belongs to a person whose name, father's name or surname mentioned in the documents does not match the name, father's name or surname mentioned in his passport or birth certificate, on the fact of receiving the inheritance and determining the place of opening the inheritance; - Disputes related to family legal disputes : divorce, division of property, alimony, cases of a minor child); - Residence permit cases for foreign nationals, etc.
პროფილში განთავსებული ინფორმაციის სიზუსტეზე პასუხისმგებელია პროფილის შემქმნელი ადვოკატი

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